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thighs hurting = to many sexual activities. [Jul. 17th, 2004|12:32 am]
[Current Mood |cynical - suicidal]
[Current Music |slow motion - juvenille]

i'm fat. and we all know that.
please brace yourself for what
i'm about to tell you.
unless ur skinny, which you
probably are.

-----------my day.
5:30am - call from sarah.
            one word. MEH!
7:00am - go back to sleep.
1:10pm - wake up.
1:10 - 2:40pm - mEH!
2:40pm - made YUMMY brownies
3:00 - 4:00pm - got ready
4:00pm - vanessa and nicole picked me up
4:15pm - explained to a mexican that vanessa is
         a LESBIAN!
4:30pm - went to danllys.
4:35pm - biked from danlly's house to 2nd street
5:30pm - arrived at b.j's after seeing hobos and
         such lying under bridges and black
         gurls jumping over walls, and gurls
         thinking it was a ho stroll rather than
         a bike path. yoo know, where they buy
         the coochee at.
5:30 - 7:00pm - ate at b.j's then went to
                buffalo exchange (the vintage
                store) then to the music store.
                the BIKED to nicole's house.
                and i almost got ran over by a
                car. and i was happy, yet scared
7:15pm - got to nicole's house and watched the
         STUPID ashlee simpson show and degrassi
9:15pm - biked to krispy kreme with danlly and
         nessa. and tried to go through the
         drive through on our bikes. :-D then
         we left and bike to natalies house.
10:00pm - got to natalies house and chatted with
          her skinny ass and saw her wonderful
          mother and sister. then we left and
          biked to nicole's house.
10:45pm - got to nicole's FINALLY!
11:00pm - went home! yay!

so today was definetly fun but EXTREMELY tiring and i felt like i was gettin skinnier. and i still have yet to decide whether or not thats a good thing. meh. i also accused a liquor store man that the only reason he asked me if i had donuts was becuz i was FAT. then he clearly pointed out i was wearing a krispy kreme hat. MEH.

TODAY'S LESSON: if mexican gardeners are starng
                at you when your in your car.
                simply tell them ur a LESBIAN.
                its shooin to make them leave
                u alone, unless they get even
                more excited. meh.


[User Picture]From: myemosuicide
2004-07-17 12:46 am (UTC)

Re: HA HA!

y ur very welcome.

sometimes yoo gotta put those mexican gardeners in there places.

well actaully were not lesbian vanessa, we just like gurls ;)
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